Aid in 2021

Here’s a small video to show some of the work we did in 2021.

With your Support, Good Deed Charity Organisation has helped so many families and saved many lives in 2021.

1. 6,480,000 of freshly baked bread have been distributed to the needy people of Yemen in 2021 from our 3 Good Deed Bakeries in Yemen.
2. 24,000 Food Baskets have been distributed all over Yemen to provide food for the most needy families so they can feed themselves and their children in 2021.
3. 18,000,000 Litres of water have been spread all over yemen to provide families with clean water to fight cholera and other infections.
4. Over 250,000 Iftar have been distributed in Ramadan.
5. Over 5,000,000 Hot meals have been given to families who can not cook for themselves due to living conditions.
6. Other projects like Schools, Qurbani, Orphans and Medical Aid and many more.

The people of Yemen would like to thank you for your support and warm hearts.  Only With God’s power and Your Support, we can continue this work and help more people in Yemen.

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