Help Inaayah raise funds for food Alhamdulillah. This Ramadhan, by the will of Allah, I will be helping our brothers and sisters in Yemen. Please help my fundraising campaign. My Campaign

Winter Relief

What if you could put a winter jacket on a child’s back for £10? Millions of people in Yemen do NOT have access to the basic necessities to deal with the brutal winter season this year. These displaced families and forgotten orphans are forced to sleep on the bare ground with little to nothing protecting …

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Ali’s Life in Yemen

Ali’s Life in Yemen: A Story of Hope Amidst Hardship Ali, a young boy from Yemen, has lived his entire life amidst the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis that has plagued his country. The war has taken a devastating toll on Yemen’s infrastructure, economy, and most importantly, its people. Ali’s family has not been spared …

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Winter is approaching

As winter approaches, over the coming weeks and months, many people in Yemen will suffer and unfortunately, without our intervention, many will lose their lives. Women, children and the elderly are the most vulnerable and are already suffering  malnutrition and struggling to survive.  Their untimely deaths can be prevented. We need your urgent support now …

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8 Reasons to give bread

Here are 8 reasons why giving bread is the best way to help the people of Yemen: Easy to distribute Nutritious No cooking needed Long shelf-live Culturally accepted Cost-effective Filling Comforting Watch our video for more information.

Back To School

As the school year has officially started, most of us are now settling into the routines that come with it—homework, parent-teacher meetings, and after-school activities. For many children (and parents) in the West, these rituals are just another part of growing up. However, the reality is very different halfway around the globe, in Yemen.

Building Quran classrooms for children in a Yemeni village.

We have launched a fundraising campaign to support the construction of Quran classrooms in a remote village in the ‘Mawiyah’ district, located in the ‘Taiz’ Governorate of Yemen. Our mission is to create a safe and nurturing learning environment for young children, enabling them to study and memorise the Quran with ease and devotion. In …

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