The story from Yemen that breaks the heart

The struggle of brother Mohammed and his family in Yemen, who couldn’t even get work for just $1.70 a day to provide for his family. When he was presented with this gift it changed his life. Watch to see how simple it is to change someone’s life.

Providing Hope to the people of Yemen

Even in the darkest of times, kindness has the power to light up the world. Join Good Deed Charity in spreading hope and happiness to the people of Yemen. Your generosity can break barriers and build bridges of understanding and support. Let’s continuously create a brighter tomorrow for all.

Yemen needs You

Save the Children says that 2 in 5 children in Yemen are not going to school because of conflict. That’s the equivalent of 4.5 million children across the country. And with a declining economy, many of them have no choice but to try and find work to help support their families.

The Children of Yemen suffer in Ramadan

Millions in Yemen are on the brink of starvation due to a lack of food. They urgently need life-saving food to survive, and your zakat could save their life. You can feed one family for as little as £30 for an entire month. Donate Now. Every Second Counts!

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