Eid is approaching

❤️This Eid, let your heart reach out to those in desperate need.

🐐 You may already know that Qurbani is obligatory, but did you know that Yemen could be where your meat is needed the most?

🍛 For young children who have gone 3 to 4 years without tasting meat, your compassion can provide them with a delicious meal they’ve been deprived of for far too long.

🥺 Imagine the hunger in their eyes as you watch your children enjoy the delicacies of Eid.

These innocent souls long for the simple pleasure of a meat dish, an experience they haven’t had in years❗️

Your Qurbani can bring them that joy and nourishment they deserve.

💯 Good Deed Charity is committed to ensuring 100% of your donation reaches the neediest families in Yemen

❤️ Your act of kindness will make an immediate impact, giving these forgotten children a taste of the happiness they’ve been longing for.

🙏 Donate your Qurbani through Good Deed Charity, and together, we can give these young kids the delicious taste of meat they’ve been deprived of for years.

Donate your Qurbani to Yemen for as little as $110 (£85)

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