Emergency Appeal

Children are Dying, Homes have been Destroyed due to the Severe Floods in Yemen now.

Yemen continues to suffer the effects of severe flooding and the spread of Covid-19

Torrential rain continues across Yemen, which has once again led to severe flooding. Over the past three months flash flooding in the country has cost more than 170 people their lives and left many others severely injured. An estimated 300,000 people have now lost their homes, crops, livestock and possessions.

The flooding has also raised significant health concerns as water and sanitation infrastructure has been damaged. There are now fears of water contamination which will exacerbate the spread of dangerous diseases such as cholera, malaria and dengue fever.

To make matters even worse, the Covid-19 situation in Yemen is continuing to deteriorate. Over 2,000 cases of the virus have now been confirmed and almost 600 people have died as a result.

Sadly, people with suspected with Covid-19 symptoms continue to delay seeking treatment because of stigma, difficulties accessing treatment centres, and the risk they feel they face in seeking care.

We’re on the ground supporting affected families

This can be done only with your donations


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