Meet The Team

UK Team


Dr. Mohammed Al-Azani

Co-founder of GDC

The Founder of Good Deeds Charity, Dr Mohammed Alazani, father of 6, and a distinguished cardiolovascular surgeon in Germany. He is from Yemen, and he started to help his country on his own first, then with a group of his medical colleagues, before realizing he could do much more with a registered charity and local office in Yemen.


Eng. Hussein Al-Azani

Financial Manager of GDC

The business and financial manager of GDC, Engineer Hussein Alazani takes care of all the numbers and budgets to make sure the charity can deliver the needed resources to the victims of the war and people who need help. He is a father of 2 children and lives in the UK.


Dr. Abdulwali Mohammed Mohammed

Project Organiser

The master of logistics, Dr. Abdulwali Mohamed is The Project Organizer. He is a German citizen born in Yemen, and works as an Ophthalmologist surgeon. He has three children.


Dr. Waqas Mirza

Communication and relationship management of GDC.

The crucial link between the charity and other organizations, Dr Waqas Mirza is the Communications and Relationship manager of GDC. He is also an accomplished Orthopaedic surgeon in the United Kingdom, and a proud father of three children.

Yemen Team


Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Jermouzi

GDC Manager in Yemen.

Our man on the ground! With all the connections he has in Yemen with the tribe leaders and regional leaders, Mr Abdulrahman Al Jermouzi is managing GDC operations in Yemen to ensure that help reaches the people who need it the most!


Eng. Faris Al-Emad

Project Manager Yemen.

The man that does what needs to be done to make sure that the people of Yemen get what they need. Project Manager Yemen Eng. Faris Al-Emad. He organises everything from A to Z. He is the only man for the job. The skills that he has and the determinations had brought success into GDC in making sure that Aid is reached to the people of Yemen.


Eng. Imad-Aldeen Abdo

Communication and relationship Manager Yemen.

Our main Speaker in Yemen. A man with a big Heart. Our Communication and relationship Manager Eng. Imad-Aldeen abdo.


Hussein Yahya

GDC Bakery Radaa Manager

He is in charge of Good deed Bakery in Radaa. Makes sure that the people receive the bread everyday at 6am.


Ismail Hussein

Team security Yemen.

The team protector who protects them from anything in Yemen. Ismail Hussein Team security Yemen.


Eng. Hussein Al-Jermouzi

Communication and relationship Manager Yemen.

A person that you can trust with your life. Financial Manager Yemen. Eng. Hussein Al-Jermouzi. He makes sure that everything is controlled and nothing is out of line to make sure that Your donations reaches the people of Yemen without any issues.

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said
“The people of Yemen have the gentlest and most clement of hearts. Faith is Yemeni and Wisdom is Yemeni” Bukhari

Learn More About Our Work

Good Deeds Charity strictly operates through networks of people who have been established long-term on the ground in the areas in which we work. We have our own office in Yemen. This gives us the unique ability to carry out work on behalf of many other humanitarian charities.

We are dedicated to a streamlined and focused approach to delivering humanitarian aid, meaning that we operate with minimal staff in the UK, networks abroad and a stronghold of faithful volunteers!

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