Qurbani is not about the cost

Qurbani is not about the cost!

Qurbani is fulfilling the obligation to carry out a sacrifice in memory of the Prophet Ibrahim (as) but the reward is even greater when the meat is distributed to the neediest people.  

Good Deed Charity is working in Yemen where the people are going through the worst humanitarian crisis so by giving your Qurbani to Yemen, you will maximise the reward. 

Please donate early so we can secure the best animals on your behalf. Remember, it is the sunnah of our Prophet ﷺ to always offer the fattest, healthiest and most handsome-looking animal in sacrifice to Allah ﷻ.  

We at Good Deeds ensure your Qurbani is performed correctly and reaches the neediest Yemeni people by ensuring our team on the ground monitors every step of the way.  Your Qurbani will be distributed to families where food is scarce and the people haven’t consumed meat all year. 

Alhamdulillah, last year, with your support, we provided meat to families who on the brink of starvation!

This year, make your Qurbani count. Prices start from just £85!

If Qurbani isn’t obligatory on you or if you are can’t afford the cost of Qurbani in Yemen, then please consider giving an Eid Gift to a needy child. Last Eid we gave an Eid Gift to over 4000 children.

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