The Children of Yemen

When you see children smiling, you know they’ve received something they value, whether it’s toys, IPADs or PS3s.

But the children in Yemen have another story where they’ve lost their childhood and they had to grow so fast to survive because they had no choice due to the war that has destroyed their lives for the past 7 years.

The children in Yemen don’t know any other life apart from a life full of destruction, war, struggle, and life of survival.

You can see in their eyes and their smiles the happiness and joy just to receive a food pack as they know that they wouldn’t have to sleep hungry anymore.

Supporting these children is the least we can do for Allah’s sake and for ourselves because giving charity from our hearts helps us get rewards from Allah. This removes the struggles from our lives for helping our brothers and sister who have been struggling for the past 7 years.

You might not see what’s going on in Yemen on TV or other sources of media, but we see this every day. Yemen has never struggled like this, and no other country has reached this level of struggle in the past 100 years like Yemen.

Keep supporting to keep these children smiling.

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