Forgotten People

The Forgotten People

Our teams in Yemen are in a village called Annss near Dhamar.

A village that has been truly forgotten and has just over 100 families which is around 600-700 individuals. Including children and women and orphans.  The people have no food or clean water and have had no support from any NGO or local authority since the start of the conflict. These people are trying to survive by eating simple things like potatoes that they try to grow once a year. Or drink milk if they find it. Or just make hard bread to fill their stomach from hunger once a day or every two days. 

Our teams in Yemen were truly horrified when they found these people and despite working in the relief sector, they have been mentally affected by the state of the conditions here. Even animals would struggle to survive in these conditions and no human should be forced to live like this.

We will be questioned about the state of these people and why we didn’t come to their aid. We ask you to donate generously to our urgent appeal to help these people. It is a collective responsibility for all of us.

We need to provide then with:

1. Monthly food aid. 

2. Water supply from tankers and a pipeline. 

3. Medical Aid because they have no access to urgent medical care. 

4. Education to uplift the children and help them for the future.

5. We are working on other programmes such as farming assistance.

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