They clothed the Ka’bah…

but cannot clothe themselves this Winter!

Before the Roman Empire, before Persia, before Egypt, and before the Levant, and all the superpowers of that time, do you know where the Messenger of Allah ﷺ sent the first ambassador in Islam?

The Prophet ﷺ sent Mus’aab ibn Umayr, the first ambassador in Islam, to a very special land and people, the people of Yemen. Why? What is so special about the people of Yemen to get that honour? And why should we care today about their suffering?

Did you know:

  • It was the tribes of Yemen, who reached all the way to the heart of France, shortly after the conquest of Andalus and most of North Africa?
  • It was also the merchants of Yemen, who spread Islam in Malaysia and Indonesia 6 centuries ago, resulting in a population of over 300 million Muslims in Southeast Asia today?
  • The first person to clothe the Kaa’bah, Tubaa’, whose name was mentioned in the Quran (Q 50:12), was from Yemen?
  • Even before Islam, the people of Yemen, were also the first in history to offer a handshake?

The Prophet ﷺ said “The people of Yemen came to you, and they are the first to handshake” (Musnad Ahmed)

  • Isn’t it a sad irony, that the people who came up with the symbol of peace around the world, are themselves not able to live in peace, and are suffering from a devastating conflict?
  • Isn’t it shocking, that the people who started the tradition of clothing the holiest structure on earth cannot even clothe themselves this winter?
  • Is it not time for us to stand up and support the first people that the Prophet ﷺ reached out to for help? Because today, they need our help more than ever!
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