Emergency Earthquake Appeal

Thousand are dead and help is needed

Urgent Appeal

Tragedy has struck the Middle East as a devastating earthquake has shaken Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and surrounding areas. The toll of human loss is staggering, with over 48,000 confirmed deaths and countless others missing.

The earthquake has left communities in shambles, as buildings lay in ruins and families are forced to flee to the streets in fear.

We have mobilised our team to support the relief efforts on the ground and bring aid and support to those affected.

We need your help to provide comfort and assistance to those in dire need. Every donation counts and makes a life-saving impact. Please, donate now and help bring hope to those in the aftermath of this disaster.

Providing warm food

Our priority is to support the victims of the earthquake with warm cooked food but will use funds raised to help wherever the need is greates.

Allah ﷻ said: "And whoever saves a life it is as though he had saved the lives of all mankind" (5:32)

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