Water Appeal

Millions are without clean safe drinking water.

Water Appeal For Yemen

In Yemen, a lack of infrastructure due to the ongoing war means that natural water sources are very difficult to access.

Overall, only one-third of Yemen’s population is connected to a piped water network. We are installing water facilities where they’re needed most. Water is the most important substance on earth but for millions of Yemenis, it is hard to find.

70% of Yemenis live in rural areas with no access to a state-run water supply, meaning many of them drink and cook with dirty water as there is simply no alternative – causing the largest outbreaks of cholera the modern world has witnessed.

Save lives today by giving water!

A 6000 litre water tanker of clean drinking water costs just £30. Please give generously. Cholera and diseases are spreading through Yemen faster than ever before.

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said
"Providing water is the best charity” (Abu Dawud)

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