Yemen Suffering In Numbers

The People:

  • 24 Million people (80% of the population) require some form of humanitarian help.
  • 8 million people are displaced inside Yemen.
  • 250,000 Yemenis are refugees in other countries.

Food and water:

  • 10 million civilians are suffering from famine.
  • 4 million have no access to health care.
  • 4 million have no access to clean water.
  • 26 million are suffering from Cholera.


  • 10,000 children have been killed directly in the conflict.
  • 3 million Children risk are suffering from nutrition.
  • 400,000 children will die if they don’t get immediate help.
  • 3,600 schools have shut down. Children have no place to learn.

Source: UNICEF

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